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Discover 10 Low Investment Business Ideas to Start in A Small Town

What Type of Business Could You Start?

If you live in a small town you may be wondering what type of business, you could start. To help, we have included 10 businesses that take a fairly low investment to get started. Anyone of these could be a great idea.

1. Ice Cream Parlour

Everyone loves ice cream. A small ice cream parlour is a terrific business venture that takes a low investment to start.


It’s a business where you can choose the flavors of ice creams that you want to specialize in along with specific themes and it can be unique from what would be found elsewhere. If there is a location in your small town that has restaurants or food courts or a cinema, then that’ll be a perfect place to open.

2. Food Truck

These are often seen in larger cities but they’re not completely unfamiliar in small towns as well. These trucks are mobile fast food that can provide unique food choices for the community at reasonable prices.

Because it’s a truck, it can be easily moved to different locations at different times to make it very convenient. As an example, it can be at an office park during lunch or at 5 p.m. while also being outside of a school at 3 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. when it lets out.

3. Laundry Service

Whether the area is a small town or a big city, everyone needs a laundry service. To get this business started will require a bit of a higher initial investment but the costs can often be recovered swiftly. It’s easy to bring in new customers at first by offering them low prices and high-quality services to get them familiar with your company.



By picking up and dropping off the laundry as one of your services, you will expand your customer base. You can also attract more customers by offering something like a small cafe or reading room where people can wait comfortably while you provide fast laundry service.

4. Preschool

A preschool can be started in a small space and the main investment will be in safety features and quality material to educate young children. If this type of school offers innovative ways of teaching that is effective with young children, it will attract the parents. It does require a level of skill as well as a great deal of responsibility.

5. Maid Service

The big city has opportunities for businesses like Haptic and UrbanClap which provide not only cleaning services but also cooks.

maid-cleaning toilet

So far, these types of services have only found success in the big cities and even there they are often restricted to just certain parts of those cities. A good maid service is needed everywhere, and they can be a business that will stay steady through good and bad economic times.

6. Cafes and Bookshops

A small town will often benefit from combining a cafe and a bookshop together. Even though this type of business venture has found success in some cities it is less common in small towns but one worth trying. They can make a quaint and interesting place for business meetings and for dates.

7. Fitness Centers

This is a business venture that will require some investment up front, but it is one that’s easy to run and is fairly low maintenance. Again, this is something that will require a unique twist to attract new customers.

8. Tourism

There are a lot of small towns that have unique character and history, and this makes them ideal for a business based around tourism.


Providing tours in horse carriages or with a walking tour can be a profitable venture. Something as simple as a walking tour is a low investment whereas having a horse carriage might take a little more upfront capital.

9. Trash Pickup

A lot of towns and cities have only one trash pickup service and sometimes those have bad management. By offering something unique and dependable you could build a niche in the area. This type of business can often have a good margin. It is something where the one starting the business can negotiate with authorities to improve profits and decrease effort.

10. Internet Service

The internet is now considered something essential for every home. With the cost of computers coming down and the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone, it means that they all need access to the internet.

internet cord and laptop

If you can provide dependable internet service for a reasonable price, then it is likely a great business choice.